If you made it this far I hope that means you love what you've seen on my website. And I have to say thank you for that! I have been working on my craft since 2001. I have a fine art degree from UTSA  (BFA 2004) and a Master's Degree in Imaging Science (sounds fancy!) from RIT 2008. I have since been teaching photography and inspiring young minds towards a career in photography. Sharing with others my love for fine art and fantastic image making is a true joy of mine. I'm so glad I get to do that throughout the week. 

Currently I am taking on portrait and fashion projects. I love coming up with concepts with clients or just keeping it casual and putting something together at the time of the shoot. I always work with outstanding makeup and hair stylists available so we can get just the right look for you. 

The investment for portraits starts with the creation fee of $250. My awesome clients invest on average between $400 and $1800 on artwork and digitals. 

My Story

It all starts with my mom really. She took up photography in 1996 or so. She took the best photos of some of my cousin's weddings, not to mention my senior prom! Then in college I found the amazing fashion photographer Toni Frissell. She blew my mind wide open with her creation of underwater fashion images from the 1930s. I ended up in the fine art department at UTSA after a little time figuring things out. There I got to learn and experiment with black and white darkroom photography as well as medium and large format photography (which I am currently getting back into!) I always photographed people but with a tendency towards the macabre or emotional. I was inspired by Sally Mann's book of portraits that came out about that time. So I experimented with close-up 4x5 Pinhole photography. It gets me so nostalgic thinking about all those images I created back then.

After graduate school where I did collage, large scale drawings and finally non-toxic printmaking combined with digital collage, I honestly became insecure and not sure where to go after all that. I picked up fashion photography in 2009, since that was my initial inspiration all those year ago and in '09 I had to learn to do it on my own. I never learned how to use studio lights or even how to pose people! haha! Well thanks to Melissa Rodwell and her fashion photography blog (now called jointhebreed.com) as well as constantly scouring all the fashion magazines I could get my hands on to soak up the lighting, posing, emotional quality etc of the fashion editorial world, I started finally doing fashion and portraits.



I am constantly inspired by Toni Frissell, Sally Mann, Gregory Crewdson, Jeff Wall, Peter Lindbergh, Paolo Roversi, Craig McDean, Richard Bush, Melissa Rodwell, Ellen Von Unwerth, Caravaggio, John Singer Sergeant, Basquiat....this list goes on and on.

I've gone through all this craziness with the love of my life for 16 years (since 1999). He rubs my feet and thinks my pictures are very good. :)